Snapchat’s Spectacles go on sale via Minion-like vending machines

Snapchat’s Spectacles are arriving starting today, and they’ll be available to buy via pop-up vending machines that look almost trademark infringingly like Minions. The so-called Snapbots will dispense Spectacles in either Black, Coral or Teal starting today, letting you first try them on virtually via an integrated AR display.

Snapbot accepts debit or credit cards, and will process your $129 purchase in around 10 seconds according to the Spectacles support page. The mouth on the anthropomorphized commerce vector lights up when your Specs are dispensed, and the bot also distributes a paper receipt so you can expense your first-person video fashion sunware as the legitimate business purchase they definitely are.

Snapbots can be found using a locator tool on Snapchat’s website, which so far shows one in LA near Venice Beach in Oakwood, which is where the company’s HQ is located. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, let us know if you’re able to pick some up. Act quick, because the Snapbot’s only stay in one place for about a day, and will be rotating around to new, fun tourist-type spots on an ongoing basis.

Spectacles, revealed earlier this year, are Snap, Inc.’s first hardware product – a pair of sunglasses with an embedded video camera designed for use exclusively with Snapchat.