Slice makes it easy for you to order from your favorite pizzeria

Does the world need another food ordering app? No? Well, what about an app that’s all about pizza?

The startup formerly known as MyPizza has already been working with independent pizzerias by helping them to accept online orders. (It’s also provided pizza at TechCrunch meetups.) Recently, it rebranded as Slice and launched a Slice app for iPhone.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible to order pizza on your phone. When you open the app the first time, you get a list of nearby pizzerias and once you’ve chosen one, you can create a custom pizza order. While you can still find new pizzerias when you make subsequent, the app also makes it easy to order the exact same pizza from the same pizzeria with just the tap of a button.

CEO Ilir Sela told me that Slice could also be useful in a much broader range of locations than most food ordering apps. If you don’t live in a big city, there might not be any restaurants nearby that offer delivery via Seamless — but chances are there’s a pizzeria.

Watch the video above to get a quick walkthrough of the app.