OnePlus will launch its new device November 15

That new OnePlus device that Qualcomm not so subtly hinted at yesterday? It’s going to launch next week. The company took to its own Twitter account with a little news of its own, announcing that the hardware will be officially shown off a week from yesterday.

An exceptionally brief video confirmed the chipmaker’s assertion that the device will sport a Snapdragon 821 (at 2.35GHz), the same processor currently found in the Google Pixel – and a noteworthy step up from the OnePlus 3’s 820.

That latest flagship debuted in June, which points to this new device offering up more of an iterative update for the young Chinese company’s line, rather than a full refresh – something akin to the OnePlus X, released just about this time last year, and a mere three months after the OnePlus 2.

Early leaks thus far point to a device called the OnePlus 3T, and along with providing a countdown to launch all of the “T-7” language around this latest teaser certainly lend some fuel to that fire, which itself points to an updated version of the company’s latest release, powered by more muscle under the hood.