Vevo now lets users turn music video clips into GIFs

Vevo, YouTube’s biggest competitor when it comes to music videos, has today unveiled a new tool that lets users create GIFs from Vevo’s massive video library.

With more than 230,000 videos, Vevo offers users a wide variety of content featuring musicians/celebrities. Giphy, the platform for all things GIF, says that 80 percent of its usage is around GIFs featuring celebrities, so Vevo is offering the right type of content for a GIF creation tool.

That said, the Vevo GIF creator isn’t all that revolutionary. Anyone viewing a video on Vevo can simply press the GIF button at the moment in the video that they want to cut. The GIF creator lets users scrub through the video and change the GIF duration to capture the perfect moment, with the option to add a caption.

From there, users can share the ‘gif’ on Twitter or Facebook. However, it’s worth noting that the file exports as a video and not as a .GIF file.

Other than that, there are no extra layers of customization to the tool, but its ease of use and convenience should come in handy.

You can try out Vevo’s new GIF maker, which is only available via web, right here.

[via Engadget]