Uber and Lyft try to get out the vote

Sure, for many of us next Wednesday can’t get here soon enough to finally put an end to this multi-year election cycle, but before that day arrives, it’s time for some civic duty. Uber and Lyft, for their part, are taking steps to remove a little bit of pain from locating and getting to the proper polling place.

Uber’s teamed up with Google to offer up an in-app “Find Your Polling Place” feature that will perform the aforementioned task when a user enters in their address. From there, the “Uber to Your Polling Place” will present additional contextual information like hours and ballot info.

The car service is offering a discount as well, but it’s limited to new users. If you’ve haven’t tried Uber yet, entering the promo code “VOTETODAY” entitles you to a $20 discount. So, that’s something.

Lyft, meanwhile, will actually be offering a 45-percent discount in select markets on election day through its limited edition Deal of the Week email set for Sunday night, valid for one ride between 7AM and 8PM on election day.

Zipcar will also be opening up 7,000 of its cars for free to members on election night between 6 and 10PM to encourage subscribers to carpool to their polling place.