Google Capital changes its name to CapitalG (Update: and quietly confirms it invested in Snapchat)


And the post-Alphabet Google rebranding continues.

Google Capital — the company’s venture arm that focuses on growth-stage companies (read: those that have proven their idea and are now growing) as opposed to earlier-stage startups — is now “CapitalG.”

All this, it’s worth noting, is a separate thing from GV, Alphabet’s investment arm that focuses on that earlier-stage stuff and rebranded from “Google Ventures” back in December of last year.

We’ve reached out to Google for some insight on the rebranding, but a few things confirm it: the old domain now forwards to, and the Google Capital Twitter account just announced that it’s being retired in favor of a new @CapitalGTweets account.

Update: As BI points out, the portfolio on CapitalG’s new site confirms a previously unmentioned detail: they invested in Snap Inc./Snapchat.