Silvair raises $12 million Series A to light up your (retail) life

When we last left Polish smart lighting company Silvair they were working on a way to create a Bluetooth mesh network between you, your kettle, your lightbulbs, and countless other devices in the home. After two years of work the company has perfected their systems and are now offering occupancy sensing, beacons, customer tracking and lighting to enterprise customers using a unique set of base stations and lightbulbs.

The company raised a $12 million Series A with Trigon TFI, Digital Garage, CyberAgent Ventures, and New Europe Ventures. They are using the cash to roll out further improvements to the platform and ramp up their customer support.

The CEO, Rafal Han, calls Silvair the “first fully-scalable smart lighting platform.” The most important aspect of this system is that it is truly plug-and-play. Rather than requiring a lengthy pairing process you can add and remove devices from the mesh in a few seconds and additional features allow retail establishments and building managers to keep tabs on their properties remotely.

The system uses a new standard, Bluetooth Mesh, to implement this easy-to-use solution. This is one of the first companies to use Bluetooth Mesh in a shipping product.

When the company first started the team was working hard on a way to add a Bluetooth device to your home network with minimum fuss. Now, thanks to advances in technology, they’ve figured out how to add a lot of Bluetooth devices at once, a massive improvement over traditional pairing methods. While you won’t be able to get a smart kettle from these guys – yet – they’ve definitely got some cutting edge hardware in the burgeoning enterprise IoT space.