LeEco’s smartphones and TVs go on sale in the US today

You’ve seen the hype, surely. LeEco put on a heck of a spectacle in San Francisco the other week, with a US debut that featured everything from bicycles and electric cars to a cameo appearance by beloved indie filmmaker Michael Bay, the auteur behind such mumblecore fare as Transformers 3 and Transformers 4 shot on the set of Transformers 5.

The company threw a LOT against the wall when it highlighted its plan to conquer the US, but its first steps will, predictably, be in more tried and true fare – i.e. phones and TVs. And this morning/afternoon marks the first time US customers will be able to get their hands on the products through official means.

LeEco is opening up its LeMall site to a “flash sale” that kicks off at 10AM PT/1PM ET, essentially offering up a limited number of products – a sort of built-in scarcity designed to further boost the company’s self-fulfilling hype. Something to which anyone who’s stood outside a Wal-mart at 4AM waiting to buy a barbecue can relate.

The sale’s open to those who pre-register, with some built-in discounts on the new LePro3 and Le S3 smartphones and Super4 X Series and uMax85 TVs, priced at $100-$200 off the company’s MSRP.