Spotify app control rolls out in Sonos public beta

Slowly but surely, Sonos is opening itself up to third party functionality, much to the delight of those frustrated by the audio company’s fairly unpopular proprietary offering. A few months back, the company promised that it would launch a Spotify app control via its public beta.

The feature, initially set for an October release, is now available to all those who sign up with the program through Sonos’ site. Using Spotify Connect, beta testers can now play music through their Sonos systems, including multi-speaker and multi-room configurations, directly through the streaming service’s familiar app.

The integration is a big one for Sonos, which has recently found itself working to open things up, as the once seemingly safe world of multi-room sound systems is being bombarded on all ends by connected Bluetooth speakers and pushes into home automation by the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple.

In fact, part of the company’s newfound openness involves Amazon’s smart assistant. Right around the same time it announced future Spotify integration, Sonos announced that it would be bringing Alexa functionality to its devices, letting users operate their speaker by way of a connected Echo or Dot. That feature will also be available first as a public beta, with full functionality coming early 2017.

You can sign up for the Sonos beta program here.

via Android Central