Lyft partners with JetBlue on rewards, app integration and JFK pickup zone

Lyft is partnering with JetBlue in a new arrangement that will see Lyft riders earn JetBlue loyalty rewards for using the service, as well as direct integration in the JetBlue mobile app, and a new pick-up and drop-off zone at Terminal 5 of NYC’s JFK airport. The tie-up is designed to give travelers a more comprehensive way to manage their trip from door to door, and to reward them for the convenience.

The partnership also gives new Lyft users either a $15 credit, or 750 of JetBlue’s TrueBlue rewards points, and future promotions and discounts are going to be offered up to Lyft members as well. Plus, once their accounts are linked up, Lyft users will be able to earn up to 1,200 TrueBlue points per year just by taking Lyft to and from airports across the U.S.

Pairings like this are ripe for use by frequent business traveler, who would much rather make things as simple as possible when going from place to place, and this makes it possible for them to handle both air and ground transit all from a single app (JetBlue’s) so that’s bound to win some fans – and new users for Lyft, which seems to be what the company is after here.