Check out the trailer for our new series “The Down Round”

The new series “The Down Round” is a six-episode look at what many are considering the burst of the Silicon Valley bubble. While Silicon Valley has boomed for most of the past decade, funding has become harder to come by and unicorns are having trouble proving their worth. Companies that have raised huge funds are folding. However, venture funds are richer than ever, but are just not investing. Why is this happening? Is it the Silicon Valley bubble really bursting? What will happen next?

The first episode examines the balance between fear and greed that investors are experiencing in the uncertain market. The second episode explores the process that startups go through to raise funding and whether or not this funding has dried up in Silicon Valley. The third episode shows the perils of the startup world and their effect on founders and investors. Episode four looks at the effect that the uncertain funding market has on the job market. Episode five examines one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley: real estate. What are the effects of the booming real estate market on the dried-up tech market, and vice versa? The sixth episode examines the future implications of the softening market and how the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to build success out of failure defines Silicon Valley.

All six episodes will be released on Thursday, November 3 on The series will also be available on our YouTube channel by November 6.