Brexit: TechCrunch Disrupt London wants to hear from YOU

When life hands you lemons, sometimes it’s best just to get on with the damage control. That’s what we will be doing in the wake of Brexit at Disrupt London (5-6 December). We will be speaking to thought leaders and the wider tech community to understand exactly where Brexit leaves investors and founders. More specifics on that to come this week, but in the mean time TechCrunch is conducting an on-going survey of leading UK investors and founders.

The details

We are pushing out the survey each week through the week of November 28. The survey tracks sentiment on a set of questions and adds a new one or two each week as developments require. Our aim is to gauge Brexit sentiment in the startup community as it wrestles with an uncertain future in the UK. Our first survey closed last week.

What did we learn?

We will present the full results at Disrupt in London (Dec. 5-6) and we have several surveys still to go, but our first round threw off some interesting impressions.

Our respondents included people who were on both the Leave and Remain side of the initiative.

  • A few of our Leave respondents expressed voter’s remorse, while others still feel bullish about Brexit’s potential benefits for startups.
  • Several expressed confidence that the City of London and Mayor Sadiq Khan will come through with measures to help the startup community. They were less positive about Prime Minister Theresa May’s government.
  • Twenty per cent of founders indicated they have already had employees leave the UK on account of Brexit.

Because we really want to know, we’re inviting you to take the same survey. Your feedback is crucial to giving us the big picture so we can present you with the best possible analysis at Disrupt, where on Dec. 6 we’ll reveal the results of the survey, including what the community recommends as the most important steps authorities should take to inspire confidence among UK-based founders and investors.

Join us, why don’t you?

Be at Disrupt London to hear the outcome of the survey, and take part in the post-Brexit discussion at the most important event in tech. You can still get tickets with the Early Bird discount – that’s £250 off full-price tickets. Early Bird ticket sales close on Nov. 4, so secure your spot now.