The Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7 Edge is coming to the US before year’s end

I don’t tend to get too excited about new color options for smartphones, but Blue Coral was one of the overlooked causalities of the Note 7’s untimely end. It was a really nice addition to the Galaxy line, in a world full of black, white, silver and gold.

Since Samsung officially put the kibosh on the new Note, the closest we’ve been able to Blue Coral is Google’s Really Blue Pixel offering, which is, as advertised, really blue. Last week, the Korean hardware maker announced that it would be bringing the color to its S7 Edge devices – but at the time, at least, it was limited to a couple of markets.

This morning, however, we’ve confirmed with a Samsung spokesperson that the phone will be arriving here in the States. The company is light on the details at the moment, but the handset is set to arrive before year’s end at “major US carriers.” The color option is the sixth for the curved screen handset but does not, sadly, ship with its own mermaid tail.