WikiLeaks reveals Barack Obama’s pre-presidential email address

R.I.P. Barack Obama’s inbox. Among the many secrets and not-so-secrets exposed by WikiLeaks in the dump of Clinton campaign head John Podesta’s emails is the president’s personal email address.

It’s out there now and if it’s still active will probably be shut down immediately, so I see no harm in repeating that the address is… An email I sent to check it (sorry, Mr. President) didn’t bounce immediately.

If you were expecting something fun or unusual, sorry. Ameritech was one of the baby Bells, responsible for a big piece of America’s breadbasket, including Obama’s home state of Illinois. It got rolled up into SBC in 1999, then AT&T back in 2006, but customers clearly got to keep their old email addresses.

A handful of emails were sent to bobama over the period covered by the hacked emails, but he only replied once, as a follow-up to a staffing question from Podesta. His signature indicates it was sent from a Blackberry on AT&T Wireless.

Like any other public figure, Obama probably has at least half a dozen email addresses. This one may have been out of use for years, considering the restrictions placed on presidential communications, or it could be a preferred point of contact for non-official queries and off-the-record chatter. Hard to tell; I’ll update this post if the president gets back to me.