The new Remix Android set top box adds 4K video

Even with an abundant number of Android set top boxes floating around, the promise of the Remix Mini managed to capture Kickstarter’s imagination in a big way, pulling in $1.6 million in pledges when it closed in August of last year.

The device’s success was due in no small part to pricing – the company was offering early birds a first-gen version of the system for $20, a price it handily broke down by number of Chipotle burritos.

When the system started shipping toward the end of last year, it was met with somewhat mixed reviews, with most acknowledge the unsurprising limitations of a $70 (final retail price) Android PC. Now Jide, the Beijing startup behind the device, is back with a more robust version – and it’s going back to the crowdfunding well, with another Kickstarter campaign launching this morning.

The system addresses some of the flaws of the original, bringing a more robust feature set to the box, including the ability to stream 4K video at 60fps – a feature still lacking in some bigger name TV plug ins. The upcoming Remix IO is also more PC-like than its predecessor, with 16GB of built-in storage (augmented by a microSD slot), 2GB of RAM, an octa-core 64bit ARM processor and four USB ports. The system naturally runs the latest version of the company’s Remix OS, which is built atop Android Nougat.

The price has jumped quite a bit as well, with early bird pledges starting at $99. Jide plans to start shipping next March — same time as that new little Nintendo console.