Microsoft’s Surface business skyrockets as the iPad’s slows

Microsoft saw revenue from its Surface line jump 38% over last year’s total, according to its most recent financial report. Released today, the report states that Surface revenue hit $926 million during the last quarter, up from $672 million last year. Even at this level, Apple’s iPad business is still much larger, though growing more slowly.

Apple’s iPad business is still dramatically larger than the Surface, though. During Apple’s last quarter, iPad revenue was $4.9 billion up from $4.4 billion compared to the same quarter the year prior. That’s a growth in revenue of 11% year over year, but the first growth Apple’s iPad business saw in ten quarters.

The substantial jump in Surface revenue was on the back of just two products: the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Microsoft has been pushing these hard with a major ad campaign and key partnerships like with the NFL — though Coach Belichick and others might not be big fans. It’s said Microsoft is set to release new Surface products at an event next week, which should mean Microsoft will have a fresh line available for purchase in time for the holidays.

A better picture of the iPad vs Surface fight will come into view next week when Apple announces its latest quarterly earnings, but as it stands right now, Apple should take notice. The Surface is coming.