Henrik Fisker teases upcoming EV’s “butterfly” doors

Well, damn. Henrik Fisker just took to Twitter and gave a lesson on teasing upcoming products. According to his tweet, the upcoming reborn Fisker EV will have wild butterfly doors — you know, the type of doors kids will put on their hand-me-down Honda Accords. He says in the tweet the crazy doors are for easier ingress and egress, but really he’s just throwing down with Elon Musk and the Model X’s Falcon doors.

Reports initially said the upcoming car would be revealed in 2017, but it seems Fisker is ready to unveil the car next week. Rumors claim the vehicle will have a 400 mile range thanks to the company’s focus on battery tech. The new company also hopes to become a key supplier of battery tech to other OEMs, which, if successful, could help it fund its own car projects.

This isn’t Henrik Fisker first go at outlandish designs. He was responsible for several of the most iconic cars of the last 20 years. While at BMW in the ’90s, he worked on the design of the BMW Z8 and X5. Later he was the design director at Aston Martin and in charge of the production design of the DB9 and V8 Vantage. In 2005 he started Fisker Coachbuild, eventually becoming Fisker Automotive, where they started out as a coach builder and later started designing and building their own cars including the Fisker Karma.

Fisker was even hired by Tesla to help with the initial Model S design though it’s said there was a falling out. Tesla accused Fisker and partner Bernhard Koehler of stealing trade secrets while working for Tesla later used in the formation of the original Fisker Automotive.