If you’re covering tonight’s debate from hell, CES will remind you of that other hellish conference in Vegas

Today has been a frustrating day. It’s time to book my flights for CES in Las Vegas in January, already. I’m currently struggling with Concur’s awful flight search engine to find a flight that won’t cost a good chunk of TechCrunch’s 2017 travel budget on January 2. It turns out it’s quite expensive to travel from Paris to Las Vegas right after New Year’s Eve.

So here I am, containing my anger and evaluating all my options. Will I still be hungover from New Year’s Eve on January 2 at 10:25 AM? Or would I rather arrive at 10:30 PM in Vegas and go straight to bed? Do I want to make a stop at Salt Lake City’s airport even though I have no feeling toward Salt Lake City whatsoever? (Sorry readers from Salt Lake City, I’m sure it’s a beautiful city, but being surrounded by mountains makes me nervous.)

Somehow, I got bored by my own questions and decided that I needed a break. As many of my fellow journalists will tell you, I also happen to have a serious Twitter addiction. I don’t have one but two Twitter clients running at all times.

I switch to Twitter and then scroll, scroll, scroll… It feels good to have this infinite flow of tweets running through my veins. And then… the shiver-inducing CES logo appears, right here, in the middle of my timeline.

Are you kidding me, CES?


Taylor Lorenz happens to be in Las Vegas right now as she’s going to cover the third presidential debate. Based on the second debate, I feel like it’s going to be another debate coming straight from hell.

But in case you’re assigned to cover tonight’s debate, CES thought it was a good idea to remind everyone of that other insane conference that happens in Las Vegas. And now, you guessed it, I’m just writing this so that I don’t have to go back to my flight search… shivers

Thanks for the tweet, Taylor