Faraday Future says it’s finally going to show us a real car at CES

The concept car is basically always a vehicle of pure puffery, and carmakers go above and beyond when it comes to teasing the future. But few are as accomplished on this scale as Faraday Future, the master illusionist of electric vehicles. The company says it’s finally going to show us something worthy of the label “production,” however, at CES in January. CES, which is basically the annual global festival of vaporware.

Last year, Faraday went for the concept angle hard, with the FFZERO1, an insane sports car that’s about as far away from a shipping vehicle as you can get while still getting to call the thing a car. But now it’s ready to “unveil the future,” the company says, with a reveal of a car it seems intent on shipping at the annual consumer electronics mega show in Vegas.

What will that car look like? Faraday says it’ll be a “premium electric” car that “combines extreme technology, industry leading range, and holistic design” but it isn’t saying much beyond that. Spy shots have captured a car that looks like a Model X-style urban SUV, however, and that does look like it shares traits with the supposed test vehicles spotted earlier.


Basically, don’t hold your breath for an imminent launch from Faraday, going on their past performance. But if they do come out with a car that’s actually going to be available for people to buy and drive in the relatively near future, expect a lot more astonishment than when they revealed their 3D Batmobile fan art.