This probably isn’t the RC droid you’re looking for

There’s a new remote-controlled Star Wars droid on the way, but it might not be the one at the top of most people’s gift lists. The R/C Mouse Droid (via Gizmodo) is about as basic as a bot can get, but the tiny scene stealing droid will be very familiar (and possibly even cherished) by fans of the original series, where it had a pivotal role expressing very animal-like terror at Chewbacca.

The Mouse Droid has a remote and is powered by rechargeable batteries, and will be on sale at Disney theme park gift shops starting in mid-December. You’re basically going to have to be a hardcore Disney fan to pick one up, or at least be close to someone who is so that you can ask them to help you out.

It’s adorable though, so please get me one if you’re my friend and you’re going to a Disney park soon.