Tesla Model 3 delivery date moves to mid-2018 or later for new orders

Tesla has updated its Model 3 website, letting new pre-order customers know that any orders placed from now on will ship by mid-2018 or beyond, as noted by Kyle Russell on Twitter. The pre-order page has previously listed late 2017 as a start date for shipping.

We’ve confirmed that this new timeline for shipping applies to orders from now onward, and does not impact estimated shipping for prior orders. The website also says that production will begin in late 2017, which is in keeping with previous information provided by the company.

Pre-orders from Tesla number well above 400,000 at this point, as the carmaker confirmed passing that threshold back in June, so it’s logical that the company would update the anticipated delivery timelines for new customers looking to place a reservation for the all-electric, $35,000 sedan.