Social media display company Tagboard acquires Capture

Tagboard announced today that it has acquired Capture, another startup in the social media and user-generated-content business.

Tagboard helps marketers find and create displays for social media conversation around a brand or topic. (When I covered the company a couple of years ago, I described it as a “cross-platform hashtag aggregator,” which is both accurate and terrible-sounding.) Capture, meanwhile, works with news organizations (including CNN, BuzzFeed and the Weather Channel) to find relevant photos and videos on social media and get permission to publish them.

So it sounds like there’s some overlap in what the two companies do, albeit for different customers. Tagboard says it will continue to support both products, while also bringing Capture features into Tagboard. Capture’s New York City headquarters will become one of the Seattle-based company’s offices, and Capture CEO Jordan Osher will become Tagboard’s vice president of business development for New York.

“What this acquisition represents for us is a new level of growth, but what it means for our joint customers is even more significant,” said Tagboard CEO Josh Decker in a statement. “We’ll continue to support the Capture products for their clients while working on platform integration.”

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.