SoloLearn raises a $1.2M seed round to socialize mobile code learning via its app

There are of course plenty of ways to learn to code online these days. But recently there’s been a trend to allow would-be developers to learn it on the go. We’ve already covered the efforts of Enki to create a ‘snackable’ mobile learning app for developers.

And so, SoloLearn has appeared on the horizon, after garnering a healthy following. Today it announces it’s raised a $1.2M seed round to socialize mobile code learning. Valley VC Learn Capital led the round, joining a number of other unnamed private investors who have already backed SoloLearn.

SoloLearn is not aimed at hard-core engineers, but more at “millennials” and students who want a simpler way to learn which includes interactive lessons, coding exercises, peer-to-peer challenges, and community Q & A. These are all aspects of the app.

The startup now has over two million profiled coders, and over one million coding activities daily.

Usefully, as you improve your score, your profile gets exposed which means you could well end up landing a job out of it.

Yeva Hyusyan, SoloLearn CEO, says: “With coding transformed into a “must-have” skill, the challenge has been to create an enjoyable environment for infinite professional growth. Diversity of experiences and topics paired with peer-to-peer interaction gradually upgrade your coding skills, building your trustworthy coder reputation one step at a time.”

In an interesting side aspect, SoloLearn also says it’s noticed high traffic from refugees using the app to learn to code.