FoundersCard members now get three months of free private jet flights from JetSmarter

FoundersCard, the membership-based program that offers perks like discounts on hotels, travel and shopping has inked a new deal with JetSmarter.

As a refresher JetSmarter is also a membership-based program that lets members book discounted seats on shuttle flights between pre-determined cities as well as book their own private flights. JetSmarter also offers a program called JetDeals that gives members free seats on thousands of empty-leg flights each year.

Membership to JetSmarter is pretty expensive – $10,000 per year. But this promotion will give all FoundersCard members three months of membership, including access to JetDeals – meaning all FoundersCard members can book a free seat on private empty-leg flights around the country.

An empty leg flight is when a private plane needs to reposition itself to a different city – to meet its owner or pick up new charter passengers. Since this flight is empty anyways, startups like JetSmarter have recently begun programs to let members take advantage of these empty seats.

FoundersCard members will receive one free seat per JetDeal flight (with the option to purchase more seats).

But before you run to sign up, remember that a seat on an empty-leg flight isn’t the same thing as chartering your own jet. You don’t get to pick where to go (you just select a flight that already has a preset origin and destination) and will need to find your own ride home from wherever the jet takes you. Plus, empty-leg flights are very rarely flown on routes between major cities. That being said, it’s still really cool to get a free seat on a private jet, especially without paying JetSmarter’s $10,000 yearly fee.

While FoundersCard members will also get three months of access to other JetSmarter membership offerings like the ability to charter flights and purchase seats on JetShuttle, we imagine that the unlimited free seats available via JetDeals will be the most popular part of this promotion.

Oh, and if FoundersCard members end up signing up for JetSmarter, they will get $2,000 in free flight credits to charter a flight or book paid seats on a flight of their choosing.