Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S upgrade gets a spec bump under a new gold coat of paint

There’s going to come a time when not every mention of Samsung will elicit some snarky comment about exploding smartphones. Now is not that time. And the Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition is certainly not the product to serve as catalyst. In fact, it will probably be a little while before the company has an offering compelling enough to shift the public consciousness back to the next shiny object. After all, the Note 7 was supposed to be one of the company’s big holiday plays.

The latest version of the company’s Surface/iPad Pro competitor is really more of a fancy new tier than full upgrade. That’s probably why the company just sort of snuck the announcement out by way of a press release on a fairly slow Friday. And besides, the original TabPro S is really only about half a year old at this point.

As far as what’s new, your main upgrades to Samsung’s already well-received tablet are internal, doubling both the RAM and storage up to 8GB and 256GB respectively, helping solidify the tablet’s place as a full-on PC replacement. Otherwise things look largely the same as its predecessor.

On the outside, the skinny two-in-one gets a shiny new gold finish, to let every know that you went all fancy and splurge on the higher-end model. Of course, such fanciness don’t come cheap. Samsung’s bumped the price of the TabPro S $200, making it just a penny under $1,000. It’s available now through Best Buy and Samsung’s site.