Jabra buys fellow headset maker BlueParrott

If you know the name BlueParrott (assume you’re not just conflating two other similarly focused companies), it’s probably for their budget office headsets. Sure, the company has branched out into other categories (if you make headsets, you’re going to make earbuds at some point, that’s just how it works), but office telecommunication hardware is the company’s bread and butter.

The brand is the best known wing of VXi, a company that also makes headsets under its own name – and is now part of Jabra, thanks to a $35 million acquisition. The deal essentially finds Jabra acquiring a direct competitor to its own Bluetooth office offerings

While was founded in the States, Jabra has since been acquired by Danish company GN Netcom, moving its headquarters to Copenhagen. By picking up US-based VXi/BlueParrott, the company gets, among other things, stronger presence here in North America. Jabra will also get the opportunity to leverage the company’s technology, which is designed to function in a noisy office environment.