Adobe teams up with EyeEm to expand its stock photography portfolio

It’s been just over a year since Adobe launched its Adobe Stock photography service, with deep integration into the company’s Creative Cloud suite. Today, it expands the number of photos available with the EyeEm Collection, a hand-picked selection of the best images EyeEm‘s customers have shared and offered for sale on the platform.

That’s good news for people buying images via Creative Cloud, good news for people selling images on EyeEm and great news for EyeEm itself, adding another revenue stream to the existing sales channels to Getty.

“Our global EyeEm community creates unique images from all cultures and corners of the world,” said Florian Meissner, co-founder and CEO at EyeEm, offering a glimpse into why Adobe might be keen to team up with the Berlin-based photography startup.

Adobe’s Stock collection already included 55 million photos, videos, illustrations and graphics before it started pulling content from EyeEm’s sizable stack of creative stock photography. EyeEm’s collection is sourced from a large number of photographers, often shooting with smartphones. The company says it has more than 80 million images from more than 18 million photographers in its catalog.

“Photographers often don’t even know the value of the images that are sitting on their camera roll on their phone,” Meissner told me earlier this year, around the time when the brand started flexing its computer vision muscles with its launch of The Roll. “The truth is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos, we are seeing amateur photographers who have never made money from their images in the past doing great on the EyeEm Marketplace!”