AccelFoods has a new cohort of food-focused startups

With food technology and startups becoming a greater focus for an increasing number of investors, AccelFoods, the investment fund focused on new food brands, has announced its latest cohort of companies.  

  • Brami: A New York-based company that has repurposed an ancient Roman snack for modern consumers. Roman soldiers ate lupini beans as a source of protein on marches. The beans have the highest protein per calorie of any plant on earth, according to AccelFoods.
  • Kidfresh: Another New York-based company, Kidfresh is targeting the snackables set with nutritious frozen meals and snacks for children.
  • New Pop: A New York-based popcorn brand. 
  • Mansi: Based on the calamansi fruit enjoyed in Southeast Asia (especially the Philippines) Mansi is selling the first calamansi juice beverage (similar to orange juice) available in North America.
  • The Toasted Oat: A Columbus, Ohio-based maker of soft-baked granola. 
  • Skinny Dipped Almonds: A Seattle-based maker of chocolate-covered almond treats using high-end ingredients.

The new cohort brings AccelFoods’ portfolio to 26 branded food startups. The firm, which launched in January 2014 with $4.1 million, now has more than $25 million under management.

Investments from the firm range from pre-seed capital commitments of $50,000 to seed-stage investments of up to $2 million. The New York-based AccelFoods continues to target companies that operate in nutrition, alternative proteins and snacks, frozen and confectionary sweets and portable meals.