Zepp’s newest sensor (slide) tackles soccer

Slowly but surely, the Zepp Labs is taking on every sport known to humankind. And the latest is a biggie. The company is set to start shipping Zepp Play Soccer tomorrow here in the States (hence the name, footy enthusiasts).

As with the rest of the Northern California startup’s offerings (which also include baseball/softball, golf and tennis at present), the soccer pack is built around a series of sensors designed to offer users on-field insight into their game. Among the list of tracked stats are distance, kick number, sprints, maximum speed, activity and goal conversion rate, which determines the number of goals scored versus shots taken, based on tagged info.

Info is gathered via a sensor with a that can be secured to a shin guard on the player’s dominant leg. The info gathered is tracked as either a quick pickup game, or a Team Game option, which tracks greater details and assess stats over the course of a season.

The soccer pack hits retail tomorrow, priced at $100.