Front launches a mobile app for its inbox for teams

Front has been around for three years, but the startup is only releasing a proper mobile app now. If you’re a Front user, it brings all the features from the desktop version to your phone so that you can manage emails and other communication protocols in multiplayer mode.

Front’s basic premise is quite simple. With Front, you can collaborate, comment, assign and reply to those pesky emails that you receive on your support@, jobs@ or contact@ email addresses.

For instance, if your company receives an interesting application on your email address but it’s not for your department, you can assign it to the right person and it will notify them. This person can then communicate with their team using comments, emojis, @-mentions and everything you’d expect from a modern communication tool. And of course, they can also reply to the first email.

With the iOS app, teams can receive notifications on their phones, contribute to collaborative drafts, send canned responses and triage all the incoming messages on various email addresses, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and more.

It seems crazy that Front managed to get so far without a mobile app. The company has just hit $2 million in annual recurring revenue. Companies like Stripe, Twilio, Cisco and ServiceNow are using Front internally.

And finally, Front has just hired Peter Ahn who built the New York sales team and the media sales team for Dropbox. He then helped shape the enterprise sales team for Slack. He’ll handle the business development team at Front.

So that’s a lot of news at once, but it seems like Front wants to iterate quickly on all fronts with major product updates and a more efficient sales and business development strategy.