A look inside how Here Be Dragons is pioneering VR storytelling

Here Be Dragons is a term for describing dangerous or unexplored areas. It’s also the new name of Chris Milk’s VR creative studio, formerly know as Vrse, that’s looking to explore the dangerous world of spherical video.

The VR production studio is aiming to continue rediscovering storytelling techniques for the immersive medium. With filmmaker Chris Milk taking the role of Creative Director at the company, they’ve already positioned themselves well within the industry and have built partnerships with Apple, United Nations, The New York Times, Nike, Vice, NBC, Conservation International and U2.

Here Be Dragons is dealing with many of the same hardware problems surfacing in the VR storytelling space, mainly the fact that there is currently no one-size-fits-all solution for capturing spherical video.

“When we started out of the gate, the tools weren’t really in existence so we had to build the technology department at Here Be Dragons,” said Here Be Dragons President Patrick Milling Smith. “So we had very fresh voices and people who had a background in telling stories and then we married them with a more technological group.”

Check out the video above to see a bit about the studio’s mission and how it’s tackling the burgeoning world of virtual reality filmmaking.