Lenovo undergoes another big layoff round, mostly impacting Motorola

Late last year, Lenovo announced some massive layoffs following a quarter of bad financial news. The company let 3,200 employees go, as decline in PC demand, increased smartphone competition and currency fluctuations apparently created something of a perfect storm.

The company is at it again, and while the number is less than list time, it’s still fairly significant, primarily impacting its Motorola Mobility smartphone business. In a statement issued early today, the company is looking to downplay things a bit in contrast to its overall numbers, noting that the moves “[impact] less than two percent of its approximately 55,000 employees globally.”

It’s still a significant number, however you do the math, that point to some volatility as the company attempts to negotiate Motorola’s position under its leadership. In the statement, the company notes that most of the jobs being eliminated are “part of the ongoing strategic integration” between the companies as Lenovo attempts to “streamlin[e] its product portfolio to best compete in the global smartphone market.”

The company added that, in spite of this latest move, it remains committed to keeping Motorola Mobility’s headquarters in Chicago.

via The Verge