The new PAX 3 lets you vape both loose-leaf flower and concentrates

Pax Labs, makers of some of the world’s most popular loose-leaf flower and nicotine vaporizers, has today announced a new flagship vaporizer in the form of the Pax 3.

Not only is Pax 3 the third generation of Pax’s flagship device, but it also happens to have three ovens for dual-use among both loose-leaf flower and concentrates like oil.

“One of the greatest challenges at Pax is continuing to evolve as the market evolves, and to do so quickly,” said new CEO Tyler Goldman. “Concentrate vaporizers simply weren’t in demand a couple of years ago, but the market is rapidly moving toward different materials, and so are we.”

Though the Pax 3 can be used with both loose-leaf materials and concentrates, it actually comes with three ovens. The first is a full-size oven for heating a big ol’ nug (or other loose-leaf vaporizable flower). The second is also for loose-leaf, but in a smaller amount, meant mostly for quick, solo use. The third oven, however, is a concentrate oven meant for… well, concentrates.

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Goldman explains that heating oils and other concentrates is a very different process from heating/vaping flower material, and most users who wanted the preference of either had to buy a totally different product or purchase an awkward add-on to their vaporizers.

With Pax 3, folks can vape however they want, all from the same product.

Alongside the launch of the Pax 3, Pax Labs is introducing its first app. Out of the gate, this app will let users set precise temperature settings, as well as customize their device with their favorite LED colors, signals, etc.

Pax 3 comes in four colors (black, silver, gunmetal, and gold) and will be available in October for a retail price of $275.