PAX Labs unveils the PAX Era, a new oil vaporizer

These days, it’s not uncommon to see folks using oil pens instead of lighting up a good old-fashioned joint. PAX Labs, the makers of the Pax vaporizer line and the JUUL e-cig, are today answering the call.

Meet the PAX Era.

Built in the likeness of the Juul, the PAX Era is a high-quality, temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer that uses pods to ensure a great user experience. With the same click-in apparatus as the Juul, the Era pod simply snaps into place on the vape so that users don’t have to mess with sticky, drippy oils themselves.

Coincidentally enough, this pod method also puts PAX Labs squarely in control of both the hardware itself, and the distribution of the actual product, via pods.

Goldman likens it to the Keurig model, wherein the Era pods will be sold to specific distributors, who will then fill the pods with Cannabis oil, and sell them again to retail stores.

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The first pod partners for the PAX Era include Bloom Farms in California, and The Lab out of Colorado.

To start, the Era will only be available in those markets (California and Colorado), where purchase and use of this type of product is both regulated and legal.

The PAX Era, alongside the PAX 3, will benefit from the new PAX Labs app, which will get more and more features. But the real win for the app is that it will be able to deliver firmware updates to the products themselves as PAX Labs iterates on them during their life cycles.

The PAX Era will retail for $60 and will be available in the afore-designated markets on September 29.