Elon Musk teases Oct. 28 Tesla and SolarCity solar roof, Powerwall and charger reveal

Elon Musk is pumping up our expectations again: The Tesla CEO and founder said that he’s planning an October 28, Bay area unveiling of Tesla and SolarCity’s new solar roof product, which will be directly integrated with version 2.0 of the Tesla’s PowerWall solar storage battery for the home, as well a Tesla car charger.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see an unveiling on October 28; Musk has been known to miss deadlines in the past for announcements like this one. But it does confirm we’ll soon see SolarCity’s solar roofing product, which Musk previously teased on a conference call for the energy company where he acts as board chairman. It also will be our first full-scale look at version 2.0 of the Powerball, which Musk teased at an event in Paris earlier this year.

The integration across Tesla and SolarCity’s products that Tesla hopes to show off here goes deeper than displaying a natural synergy between related companies – Tesla is in the process of trying to acquire SolarCity. It’s facing some opposition from shareholders, however, including multiple suits that could delay the closing of the deal.

The merger is important for Musk’s “Master Plan: Part Deux,” however, a vision of the future he revealed earlier this year that includes a fully self-sustaining solar-powered energy ecosystem that connects his zero emission goals between home and transportation. A demonstration of how the whole system will work together, and what kind of value it might offer potential customers, could help considerably in alleviating any remaining opposition to the union of Tesla and SolarCity.