Yahoo View brings Hulu’s free programming to mobile, but is limited to clips

Yahoo View, the company’s recently launched gambit to go after cord cutters by offering free video content from Hulu, is now available on mobile. Yahoo has just debuted an iOS version of the mobile TV service, which will soon be followed by launches on Android and the mobile web, the company says.

In case you missed it earlier, Yahoo View was developed in partnership with Hulu to bring the streaming service’s free library of movies, clips and TV programs to the web. The website debuted just as Hulu was shutting down the free, ad-supported tier to its subscription service, making Yahoo View the only place online to still watch Hulu’s content for free. (Hulu now offers only paid subscriptions, including ad-supported and commercial-free tiers, and is planning to launch a live TV service in the future.)

Yahoo and Hulu had a long-standing relationship over the years, which saw Yahoo acting as a distributor for Hulu content, along with other sites like, EW, and New York Magazine. Yahoo View, meanwhile, gives Yahoo the status of “preferred partner” but it’s not an exclusive deal.

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On the web, users can watch full episodes of shows from networks like ABC, NBC and FOX, eight days after their original broadcast. However, the new iOS application offers a much more limited experience, during to streaming rights.

The app only includes clips from popular shows, as well as from comedy, sports, celebrity, and news programs. It also includes movie trailers from Hulu and, oddly, full-length episodes of hard-to-find Anime shows like Naruto, Sailor Moon, One-Punch Man, and others.

Also unlike the web version, Yahoo View on mobile lacks the clever integration with Tumblr, which included a “Beyond the Episode” section containing GIFs, clips, previews and spoilers for the show in question. The web version also connects you to the official Tumblr for the show, and the wider Tumblr fan community, which is unfortunately missing on mobile.

The app is live here on the App Store as a free download.