Michael Kors lends its name to a gold-colored Fujifilm instant camera

Slowly but surely Michael Kors is becoming a technology brand. The company recently lent its name to an Android smartwatch. I tried it out. It was, I don’t know, fine I guess. But mostly it was really, really big. That product was the result of a longstanding partnership with Fossil that essentially brought smartwatch guts to two of the luxury brand’s existing watches.

Now the company is putting its literal stamp of approval on a Fujifilm camera. The Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 looks to more or less be a blinged up version of the Instax Mini 70, a fun and low cost instant camera released to fairly solid reviews by Fujifilm late last year.

The features are pretty much the same – built-in flash, 60mm lens, viewfinder and a dedicated selfie mode, coupled with a mirror up front to make sure you look good and are in the frame. The camera spits pictures out of its side, in a manner not dissimilar from a Polaroid, harkening back to a quainter time when we didn’t have the technology to carry every photo ever taken around in our pockets.

Michael Kors’ main contribution here is a gold coloring, because of course it is. The company’s logo is also featured on the camera’s body, “and to make it even more special, the designer’s signature is showcased in the same gold hue on the camera door for a stamp of approval from Michael Kors himself. “ To quote the press material.

The camera will hit Michael Kors retail locations and the brand’s website October 20th.  It’s set to only be available through the end of the year. Pricing has yet to be announced, but more than the unbranded Instax’s $120 seems like a pretty safe bet, because luxury don’t come cheap.