Join TechCrunch at SOMA, The Musical

Whether in the once-sizzling pages of Valleywag or on the screen of HBO, most of SV can, at the very least, tolerate a good roast.

Either way, we’d better all be ready.

The next roast is coming soon in the form of SOMA, The Musical. SOMA is a new comedy about SV’s worst offenders — the breathless founders, the sleazy venture capitalists and yes, even the touchy tech media. It’s really fun and we’d like you to join us on Saturday, October 22 to see what the fuss is about.

The cast is a mix of techies from Microsoft, Dropbox, Yammer,, NoRedInk and LendingKarma, along with some real theater professionals who have performed with the Academy of Arts, the Boston Conservatory and locally at Beach Blanket Babylon, Alameda Opera, Pacific Repertory and End Games Improv.

SOMA features a Wall Street Journal writer playing a venture capitalist, a venture capitalist playing a founder and a founder playing a construction worker.

The show was co-written by Pat Blute, the writer of Spears, a musical about Jesus set to Britney Spears music last performed at the Foxwoods Theater in NYC, and TechCrunch’s own Sam O’Keefe.

Tareq Abuissa, composer and lyricist, ties the show together with musical numbers highlighting the need to “Pivot,” how “Helpful” VCs can be and the need for “Disruption” of diversity issues in tech.

TechCrunch has tickets for the show on Saturday October 22, and we’re offering 50 free tickets to friends of TC who sign up here! (Update: Tickets have been claimed)  Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  One ticket per person, please. Attendees will also be invited to a private pre-show party with TechCrunch staff.

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to get in with TechCrunch, tickets can be purchased here. Shows are October 20-23 at Z-Space in San Francisco.