The Oculus Touch motion controllers will cost many moneys

Oculus is just months away from releasing the Touch controllers and we now have a better idea of just how much they’ll hurt your wallet.

A GAME store display revealed that the launch price of the controllers will be £190 in the U.K. That’s about $212 in the U.S., which is a bit more than many Rift owners hoped for, though the U.S. price is more than likely to sit pretty at $199.

Though this is the price many in the industry expected, it is still a bit disappointing that existing Rift owners are going to have to shell out nearly the price of a console to bring a functionality to the Rift that has already been waited on for so long. Worth noting is that this price also includes an additional camera sensor to improve tracking for the system.

Touch brings motion-tracked input controls to the Rift platform. It means the system is going to grow a lot more comparable to the experience users have on the HTC Vive. Now you’ll be able to interact with content in a way that hasn’t been possible with console controllers like the Xbox One controller that the Rift shipped with.

This is going to be a huge launch for Oculus. The company already has a healthy stockpile of titles ready for launch and is essentially treating this as a relaunch for the headset.

No official word on the timing of shipment; the only time frame from Oculus is Q4 of this year, but I’ve heard from people familiar with the matter that the Touch controllers may be shipping as early as late October.

I’ve reached out to Oculus and will update if I hear anything back.