The company behind Standard Hotels is launching One Night, a same-day booking app to rival Hotel Tonight

Anyone interested in the intersection of travel and technology knows that Hotel Tonight basically revolutionize the same-day hotel booking industry. Launched in 2011, Hotel Tonight’s app let you book a heavily discounted hotel room on the day of your stay in just a few taps. But in pursuit of sustained growth the startup began expanding its booking parameters – first by letting you book earlier in the day and then a full seven days in advance.

Not only did this result in worse deals, but seeing a source of last-minute revenue turn into a product that now competed with their own booking platform really pissed hotels off. So they retaliated in the only way they could – withholding loyalty points from guests who booked on Hotel Tonight and promising guests that the lowest rate would always be available on their own website in addition to on Hotel Tonight.

And while most hoteliers just moved on, one decided to go up against the same-day booking incumbent. Standard International, the parent behind the uber-trendy Standard Hotels in LA, New York and Miami, created One Night Standard – a mobile booking platform where you could book same-day rooms after 3pm at any of the five Standard properties.

The app has been a hit, allowing the brand to essentially fill all of their last-minute availability on their own, without the help of Hotel Tonight.

Amar Lalvani, CEO and Managing Partner of Standard International, realized the company was on to something. So in an effort to bring the same-day booking industry back to its roots the company is launching One Night, a mobile booking app designed for all hotels.


Well, any hotel that the company thinks is a fit for the platform. One Night is launching today in New York and Los Angeles (other cities will come soon) with a curated group of the trendiest hotels in each city. These include Viceroy L’Ermitage in LA, Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, and of course all the Standard properties.

Lalvani was quick to mention that these hotels were all eager to sign up for the app, mainly because they don’t have much to lose (and when a perennial powerhouse in the lifestyle hotel segment like Standard Hotels offers your hotel help, you should probably take it).

One Night will charge each hotel a fee in the form of a percentage of each booking, and while the company wouldn’t disclose what the fee was they insisted that it is less than other booking platforms like Hotel Tonight and Expedia charge.

In return for admittance into the app hotels will have to offer all remaining inventory at the lowest price they are currently offering online.

And since rooms on One Night will be actually be only available to book same-day after 3pm, Lalvani expects rates to beat those available on other booking platforms. While the app does offer an option to book a second night if available, they have no plans to expand the booking window to any earlier than 3pm on the day of travel. After all, Standard International is still a hospitality company at heart, and doesn’t have to rely on this app as the future of the company.

One Night is available now and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.