Samsung’s replacement Note 7 units are starting to hit US stores

I’m writing this from a plane. As we boarded, the flight attendant asked that we not use or charge our “Samsung 7” phones on the plane. The wording was a little awkward, but she more or less got the point across. It’s been a rough few weeks for Samsung. What was supposed to be the company’s moment of triumph has proved to be one of the biggest consumer electronics headaches in recent memory.

After issuing a voluntary recall (the company is noticeably keen on leaning on the “v” word in all of its press material) thanks to a few dozen reported cases of issues with the Note 7’s battery, the first major replacement shipment is arriving here in the States. More than 500,000 of the handsets will be disseminated throughout carrier and retail stores, where impacted customers will be able to exchange their phones for the less volatile variety.

As previously noted, the new, safer version of the Note will feature a green version of the battery icon, versus the old gray-scale, indicating that the handset is one of the safe ones. Users who still haven’t ditched the old Note will be greeted with a less than subtle software message urging them to make the change,

Once installed, users will be prompted with a safety notice that urges owners to power down and exchange their recalled device. The notice will appear every time a user powers up or charges their device.

The new devices are set to arrive in stores by tomorrow.