Tuurnt connects you with friends with some unique social tools

Fabrice Mishiki wanted to create a social media tool to help connect influencers, fans, and friends together in a way that hadn’t been done before. He created Tuurnt.

The app starts with your traditional social sharing system. You take videos or photos and post them. Your friends can reply with their own videos and, if you get enough responses, the video stays up and popular for longer. This chain is called a Tuurnt and becomes static after 24 hours, creating a chain of fun videos to enjoy later. It works on iOS and is coming to Android soon.

The company exhibited in TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley and launched this year.

“I had the idea to create a turn up app at a friend’s party when i saw everyone recording videos from different platforms,” said Mishiki. “I asked myself why can’t we just reply to each other with our own video and form a video sequence?”

“We at Tuurnt take it to the next level with our new reply feature, we let the user reply directly to someone photo or video with their own photo and video which creates a video sequence,” he said.


The company recently passed 10,000 users and is quite popular so far. Many of the “tuurnts” feature dozens of replies. You can still share and like videos and photos with the app but the focus is primarily on “getting tuurnt,” a slang term that means “a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic and/or having fun.” Sprinkle the word in at your next Supreme Court hearing or church potluck i.e. “This casserole is turnt, Justice Ginsberg. The bacon bits truly bring the heat.”