Anker launches sister brand for home automation

Smartphone accessory brand Anker is mostly known for its battery packs, chargers and other popular gizmos for gadget fans. In addition to its tech-on-the-go brand, it today announces the launch of Eufy (pronounced ‘you-fee’), a new brand for a line of products aimed to make your home life a bit more high-tech.

The RoboVac 20 is a modern-day dustpan and brush for the gadget-aware home.

The RoboVac 20 is a modern-day dustpan and brush for the gadget-aware home.

One of the company’s inaugural products is RoboVac 20, a curiously named intelligent light switch. Just kidding — it’s a $300 robotic vacuum cleaner following in the recently vacuumed footsteps of Roomba’s success story. It includes much of the features you’d expect: self-docking, automatic charging and it can saunter nonchalantly around the house to clean up your mess.

Crashing into a new market vertical

Anker has done well gobbling up a huge market share in the incredibly competitive mobile phone accessory space in an impressively short amount of time, largely through aggressive pricing and a strong marketing strategy. Anker’s products haven’t always proved completely reliable, but it has made up for any foibles with excellent, no-questions-asked customer service. The strategies that worked in the mobile accessory space don’t automatically replicate effectively for home automation, but competitors would be right to worry.

The company is also launching smart reading lights ($40-$55, depending on size), humidifiers ($60) and is planning to launch a raft of other products in the near future. Like its parent brand, Eufy cuts out the middle man, selling via Amazon and direct from its own website.