Meet the London startup powering Just Eat’s new illuminated scooters

Just Eat, the online take-out ordering behemoth, has announced a brand refresh today with a new fancy logo and strap-line: “Find your flavour”. The latter is in reference to the publicly-listed company’s new mission to create the “world’s greatest food community”. Their words, not mine.

However, PR puffery aside, Just Eat is also announcing a number of tech updates. These include a new Apple Watch app for Apple’s WatchOS 3, a Facebook Messenger bot, and a new mobile app for delivery drivers to help partner restaurants keep customers updated on the status and whereabouts of their order.

But perhaps the most striking new tech is Just Eat’s new range of branded illuminated scooters, which feature backlit boxes carrying the new Just Eat logo and will soon be lighting up the streets of London.

The move will undoubtedly be seen — and I mean seen! — as the latest move in the battle for restaurant food delivery mindshare currently playing out in the UK capital city. This is seeing the likes of Uber’s Uber Eats, Amazon, Deliveroo, and Just Eat vie for visibility.

Interestingly, however, TechCrunch has learned that Just Eat has turned to London startup ScootFleet to power its new bikes. The six-month-old company, founded by Sam Merullo and Isobel Hume, offers a patented delivery scooter that boasts an illuminated “backbox” showcasing partner brands.


It then either hires these out to self-employed drivers working in the on-demand delivery sector or to delivery companies themselves who want to take advantage of this additional day and nighttime branding opportunity.

According to ScootFleet’s website, it will also supply vetted delivery drivers, including the required insurance. That feels a little like what Delivery Hero’s Valk Fleet tried to do, and we all know how that ended.

I’ve also learned that ScootFleet has partnered with a major city car park provider to store its brand-ready illuminated scooters in central parts of London, making it easier for them to be hired out on an ad hoc basis. It’s also a way for said unnamed car park company to monetize some of its spare capacity.

Just Eat declined a request for comment on whether or not the two companies were working together or any further details relating to Just Eat’s new branded scooters.