Foursquare 10 puts search front and center

Foursquare has today unveiled Foursquare 10, a redesigned version of the app that puts search front and center.

J Crowley, head of product at Foursquare, told TechCrunch that most people get on Foursquare with a clear intent, making the original featured content on the homepage mostly irrelevant.

“Previous versions of the products were based on the theory that people wanted a laid back user experience, so we showed them top picks and places they should try,” said Crowley. “We learned through research and feedback that our users have clear intent when they open Foursquare, and our new homepage better serves that intent.”

The new homepage offers a much faster search, with five chiclets that represent the six most popular searches: breakfast, lunch, dinner, nightlife, coffee/tea, and things to do.

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The company is also working to build on the trust it already has from users. Now, when a user posts a review on Foursquare, the app will show how many times that user has actually been to that location. That way, folks reading the reviews will be able to tell which ones come from ‘verified’ users and which aren’t.

Foursquare is also working to better understand where you are, not only with the results it serves up, but right within the homepage. For example, users who just flew to London will be welcomed to foggy London town with a big banner. The app will also understand when it’s Ice Cream Day or Burger Day and offer a banner to click relevant places.

The last addition to Foursquare 10 comes with the launch of iOS 10, as Foursquare is adding rich text notifications for folks who are sharing Foursquare places. Instead of a simple link, users will be able to share place previews, complete with photos, without having to unlock their phones.

You can check out the new Foursquare right here.