Carbon Health wants to put medical data in one place for patients and their many doctors

For all the high-tech advances in healthcare when it comes to drugs and devices, doctors, their back offices, pharmacies, labs that conduct health tests and insurance providers aren’t exactly in easy communication about or with the people in their care.

And patients don’t have a single, easy place to interact with doctors and track their own medical data.

That’s a hard thing to believe in a post-mobile and post-social era.

Carbon Health, which presented on stage at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield today, is aiming to change all of this with a platform that serves as a sophisticated electronic health records system and billing platform for even the smallest private practice.

Of greater importance for patients, Carbon Health lets users schedule appointments with their doctors, pay for them and keep and have access to all their own health records in one mobile app.

Co-founded by Udemy chairman Eren Bali, Carbon Health is launching its own private practice in San Francisco to pilot-test its service. It intends to allow other health practitioners to join its platform in early 2017, Bali said.

The startup currently employs 11 people full time. It is raising funding to expand its staff and hone its patient-facing and back-end apps.

“There isn’t a massive single piece of this that represents some huge technological breakthrough,” Bali admitted. “But what’s challenging was to build a holistic experience. Most current products in healthcare suck because they are fixing one small thing like just scheduling or just billing and they are not patient-focused.”

The company intends to generate revenue by taking 7 percent from the total billing that doctors process through the Carbon Health platform. Its app will be free for patients to use, and the software will cost nothing to doctors who want to begin using it in lieu of other expensive and disparate systems to run their businesses.