Studio Neat launches iPhone and Apple Watch docks made out of sweet, sweet walnut

Studio Neat has a pretty good track record when it comes to making accessories for your Apple devices, as well as cocktail tools. And yet, the company had yet to make good docks for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Studio Neat is fixing that with two new docks.

As usual, Studio Neat uses high quality materials — you won’t find any plastic on these docks. Instead, the company mills walnut and combines it natural cork. Below the dock, you’ll find micro-suction material to make it stick to any surface.

The two docks vary slightly — one of them allows you to charge your iPhone while the other also has a port for your Apple Watch. With the second option, you can use the Apple Watch in nightstand mode. The combo dock is rounded while the iPhone dock is square-ish.

If you dig the design of this dock, they cost $45 for the iPhone version and $70 for the iPhone and Apple Watch version. They’re available today.

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The introduction video also features our very own Matthew Panzarino: