MedRepublic launches a platform for overseas surgeries

After scouring through almost 1,000 applications, two dozen startups were selected to launch on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. They are presenting before an audience and a panel of judges, competing to be this year’s Battlefield winner.

One of the companies presenting is MedRepublic, which believes its platform for finding overseas doctors is fulfilling an unmet need for many Americans and Canadians. Whether their motivation is shorter wait times for potentially life-saving procedures or surgeries that are not yet approved by the FDA, MedRepublic founders Robert Page and Sean Klarich see an opportunity to be the middlemen. They connect patients with doctors in Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Costa Rica.

Inspired by his father’s life-saving cancer treatment that was performed in Mexico, Page hopes to help others in similar situations. MedRepublic’s platform of “highly curated and vetted doctors” should cut down time spent on research.

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“What we’re doing is opening the door for people that are underserved in the United States or Canada,” said Page. MedRepublic is “allowing patients to have options to save their life.” He estimates that Americans spent over $10 billion on medical tourism last year.

But, of course, many of these procedures are unapproved because they are dangerous. MedRepublic believes it is not liable for any complications because it is just connecting the patients and doctors.

“Anytime you enter into a surgical relationship, there’s a risk,” acknowledged Page. He said that MedRepublic encourages patients to get insurance and connects them with the appropriate provider.

The Battlefield winner will be unveiled at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on Wednesday.