Lyft paid to paint pink SF’s famous van on a stick

Lyft has creative control over that iconic van that sits on top of a pole next to the U.S. 101 freeway in San Francisco.

“Notice a little more pink during your drive on the 101? The newly-painted Lyft van is just one of the ways we made ourselves at home,” Lyft wrote on a blog post that has since been deleted.

Lyft has confirmed to TechCrunch that the company leased the historic building, which is just under 7,000 square feet, for its new hub for San Francisco Bay Area drivers. Lyft said the company deleted the post because it was meant to go out tomorrow. Oh well.

Last May, the fate of the van was in question when a Curbed SF reader spotted a “For Rent” sign on a stick near the van. At the time, the owners said they still wanted to keep the advertising and the van. But now that Lyft has its hands on the space, the van that once read “Bell Plumbing” is now bright pink. 

Located at 2300 26th Street in San Francisco, the hub is Lyft’s first dedicated space in California where drivers can hang out with each other, rest their feet and take bathroom breaks. In the next few weeks, the hub will also offer educational sessions and driver recognition events. Check out other pictures of the hub below.

Additional reporting by Sarah Buhr.

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