Show-stealing stealth stimulator LoveNuts edges closer to production

What’s the buzz all about at TechCrunch Disrupt? LoveNuts, that’s what. It’s a vibrator, designed to look like a funky nut — and adds the glistening sheen of plausible deniability by pretending it is a flashlight. The company claims it is “ready to rescue a woman in any kind of emergency.”

"What part of the device lights up, Donald?" "Just the tip." "Dude, do you even hear yourself right now?" .

“What part of the device lights up, Hsu?” “Just the tip.”

“My friend Salena had a problem,” the company’s co-founder and CEO Donald Hsu explains to me. “She lives in the same house as her mother-in-law and was horrified she would discover that she had a sex toy. So she asked me for a solution.”

A bright idea

Sometimes you feel like a nut. (Sometimes you don't)

Sometimes you feel like a nut. (Sometimes you don’t.)

That solution? Design a sex toy that doesn’t vibrate unless you “unlock” it using your bluetooth phone or tablet. Until you do (and if somebody asks) it is just a slightly curiously designed flashlight.

The product offers good vibrations, controllable from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The company has a number of prototypes that are in the process of going through thorough testing at the moment (now there’s an exhausting job if I ever heard of one) and are hoping to go into full-scale production in the near future. First of all, though, is the small question of money.

“Our next step is crowdfunding. We are trying to decide whether we should do a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo campaign,” says Hsu. He suggests the company will be running a campaign before the end of the year.

If this titillating little gadget makes your toes curl with excitement, add your name to the mailing list on the website and the team will ping you an email when the product is ready to brighten your world.